KALDAS CONSULTING – Center for Crisis and Consequence Management
we are
• Experts in Security Policy and Nonproliferation and
• Internationally recognized specialists in the field of comprehensive Business Continuity Planning, encompassing Threat-Risk
Analysis and Business Impact Analysis, Vulnerability Assessments, and resulting Crisis and Consequence Management strategies.

Kaldas Consulting brings together international leading experts in the fields of: Threat & Risk analysis, continuity planning, emergency
management, evacuation, fire & rescue, civil engineering, economics, real estate, banking, data security & information
technology. Kaldas Consulting experts have decades of experience at the forefront of Business Continuity Planning. Our experts
have set international standards and gathered professional experiences in most important events of recent history that functioned
as catalysts in the conceptual development of the Continuity Planning field.


Ines M. Kaldas, PhD, MPA
KALDAS CONSULTING, Center for Crisis- and Consequence Management was founded in 2006. Dr. Kaldas is an Austrian
citizen with a degree in neuroanatomy and neurochemistry from the University of Salzburg, AUT, followed by a career in biotechnology
at the University of Chapel Hill, NC/USA and Stanford University,CA/USA that provided her with detailed expertise
in such methodologies as they are also applied in the development, production and detection of biological and chemical agents
(BC) and BC-weapons materials (BCW); Ines Kaldas received numerous academic awards, amongst them the National Research
Service Award of the US Institute on Aging from 1993-96; Ines Kaldas graduated 1999 from the John F. Kennedy School of
Government, Harvard University, MA/USA as “Master of Public Administration“ with focus on BCW-nonproliferation and international
security policy; 2001 member of the BW-Expert Penal of the Austrian Ministry of Defense; currently Consultant Civil
Protection and Continuity Planning for the public, infrastructure and private sectors with special focus on the Analysis of newly
emerging threats, preventive measures and integration strategies; Ines Kaldas has been special correspondent for the Journal of
Military Ordnance; furthermore, she has extensively published about aforementioned topics in such publications as the Österreichischen
Militärischen Zeitung, the Wiener Zeitung und in Defense News; Ines Kaldas is lecturer of the yearly held Strategic
Leadership Course of the Austrian Defense Academy, 2005-2007.
Since 2010 professional forays into the Areas of design, Event Management, multi-media and film.


Tony Gill, MBA
Tony Gill, MBA, is the Chairman of Gill Advisors Inc., providing business continuity advisory services to public and private sector
clients in the US and Canada. This is done by using the intellectual property devised by Tony Gill that standardizes and systematizes
the way business continuity planning is carried out today. Tony Gill provides support services including remote telephony,
tele-commuting, change management, media communications, project management and real time or archived webcasting.
Tony Gill also manages the business continuity program for the corporate real estate department for BMO Financial Group,
which includes the Bank of Montreal, Harris Bank, and BMO Capital Markets.
Tony Gill is a recognized public speaker in business continuity, he published key pieces thought leadership in peer-reviewed Journals
including the Facility Management Journal (Houston, Brussels), the Public Manager (Washington D.C.), Journal of Facilities
Management (London), as well as the Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning (London).
Recently he was named to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning.

Betty A. Kildow, CBCP, FBCI
Betty Kildow is a sole proprietor consultant with more than twenty years of business experience, Certified Business Continuity
Professional (CBCP) with the Disaster Recovery Institute International and a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI). Kildow
has managed business continuity/emergency management planning, testing, and training projects for a broad spectrum of
businesses and government agencies. She specializes in hazard assessments and business impact analyses, developing business
continuity and disaster recovery strategies and related plans and procedures, conducting program reviews and audits, and
coaching those newly assigned to disaster recovery/business continuity responsibilities.
An accomplished trainer, Betty Kildow taught Introduction to Emergency Management at the U.C. Berkeley Extension from 1995
to 2001. She developed a three-day business continuity/disaster recovery seminar for the American Management Association
International which she has delivered at locations throughout the U.S. for more than seven years, both as a public seminar and
as tailored on-site training. Betty Kildow developed and delivers a workshop to help prepare employees to respond to crisis
communication needs and to manage information following a crisis with an emphasis on responding to media requests for
Betty Kildow is the author of the following books: “Front Desk Security and Safety: An On-the-Job Guide to Handling Emergencies, Threats, and Unexpected Situations” (AMACOM Publishing, 2004) and "Supply Chain Management: Guide to Business Continuity (AMACOM Publishing, 2012). She authored two chapters of the PSI Handbook of Business Security (Greenwood Publishing Company 2008) and published "Lessons observerd vs Lessons Learned" in the Disaster Recovery Journal 2012.
She is a member of the Business Continuity Journal’s Peer Review Panel and a Board Member of the Institute for Supply Management Risk Management Group.

Chas Walts, MS, CBCP
Chas Walts, MS, CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Planner) is Chairman of MTSS IT Solutions Inc., a consulting firm based in
Dallas, TX with national recognition. Chas Walts is an advisor for public and private sector clients with decades-long experience,
and a recognized public speaker in business continuity. Chas Walts has first hand experience not only as a designer but also as
a responder to the U.S. House of Representatives Recovery Plan and later assisted with the subsequent Anthrax recovery. MTSS
was continuously involved in planning, implementing, exercise requirements, and applying emergency response plans during the
2004 and 2005 Florida hurricane seasons. MTSS has proven capabilities that are directly relevant to the development of planning,
training and exercise programs for electric companies. MTSS focuses on national and international practices of emergency
management and business continuity with special regard to planning and interfacing with client’s organizations, assisting in the
coordination of the operational planning task.