Business Continuity & Mindfulness
A PEACE INITIATIVE „The End of Mono-dimensional Thinking“

What is mono-dimensional thinking?
This expression denominates a strategy that is solely geared towards own perceptions and goals

The vision of our initiative
is it to affect a shift from mono-dimensional negotiation strategies towards „cooperation at eye level“, this in recognition that we are all connected like Archimedes‘ communicating vessels

The tools
1) do comprise the systematic approaches of strategic Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that identify
mission-critical functions ranked according to priority along a time axis,
the BCP-Unified planning platform

2) and postulating mindfulness as mission-critical function, and, furthermore, we combine our vision with

3) neurolbiological theories on sensory perception, management theories and the arts as catalyst

The result and added value These days in public life, we seem to have reached critical limitations of negotiation and cooperation strategies.
Using Business Impact Analysis (BIA), we determine opportunity costs incurred through a lack of mindfulness
and respekt, and thus, based on calculable results from thereby logical analysis,
enable expanded and more sustainable solutions for our clients

Services offered in the following areas value discussions in social policy
life, health and safety
work-life balance
economic versus ethic goals
international and art networking

„One has to experience Ines Kaldas‘ new concept first hand – to gage and appreciate fully its significance !“
Mag Gabriele Liebl, Liebl Consulting, Public Relations Coaching & Training, Vienna, Austria

„We do urgently need new approaches to peace initiatives !“
Mag Andreas Stadler, Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of Austria to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCE, Vienna and Lecturer at the University for Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria