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The Film „The End of Mono-dimensional Thinking“

The silent short „FLOW - The End of Mono-dimensional Thinking“ is a film intended as symbol for the end of narrowly defined roles and hierarchies – and, thus, is proposing to take down the boundaries between us by 'really seeing and recognizing each other at eye level'.

Such symbol is highly relevant in our ever more complex and interdependent world that becomes - ever more - politically unstable.

Based on the concepts and theories listed below, Kaldas Consulting offers the following seminars and workshops

‚FLOW – The End of Mono-dimensional Thinking‘ , our silent short film,
was in 2017 awarded Official Selection at the
Great Lakes International Film Festival – The Art of Film, Erie, PA/USA and also at
Director s Circle Festival of Shorts, Erie, PA/USA

Please watch:!AhjTy0daStPfozjjUmtPh69d-hd2